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Monday, Sept. 13th - Friday, Sept. 17th

Pitch Sessions

This is a collaborative discussion with DoD Tech Scouts from several Combatant Commands and other agencies. Your session may include introductions to Program Managers and Procurement Officers of various programs throughout the branches of the DoD or outside the DoD as appropriate. Funding opportunities may come as a result of a DoD Tech Scout Socialization Email of your tech innovation.

Poster Board Parade of Technologies

Once you apply, consider yourself a participant of the Poster Board Parade of Technologies event. This is the single most important portion of the entire week, as we will be marketing not only to DoD Tech Scouts but also Prime Contractors, Manufacturers, Angel Investors, SBIR Program Managers, and the general public as well as other DoD agency personnel.


The Tech Innovation Center will provide the poster board template and specifications. Your poster board content will be mapped from the information you provided in the application and edited throughout the time leading up to the event. The final content will come from your final version of your Quad Chart and Information Paper as well as your Pitch Deck. 


This public event leads to much networking and relationship building between innovators, tech scouts, and investors.

Evening Networking

Connect with Tech Scouts, innovators, and resource partners.

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