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Encountering Innovation - Matchmaking

A better way to partner & collaborate with Federal Prime Contractors & Agencies

SMALL BUSINESSES: Submit your capabilities and past performance to the “2022 Small Business Capability Matrix” survey ahead of event through registration process below. Primes will utilize this matrix to select best matches. SBDC will conduct training with small businesses to discuss what the Primes are expecting.

*NOTE: There will be limited availability. The Capability Matrix will be made available to every Small Business completing the Capabilities Survey.

Do not place any information you do not want publicized.

(Capability Matrix Survey)

(For Reference After Completing Survey)

PRIMES: Register by sending email to Ric Slater, retired JSC Small Business Specialist via . Primes will be contacted to understand how to work with the Capability Matrix and be scheduled for Matchmaking Sessions.

Video Links

Supporting Document Links

Why Small Business Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Suppliers Are Desired?

Why & How to Do Business with Federal PRIMES

(including 2022’s Northrop Grumman, STAR Alliance and Honeywell /DOE)

From Primes to Aeronautical Agencies, How to Engage

How to Complete Survey For Best Results. Small Business Federal Agency Story

1 - Logical Innovation LTD; 2 - Aexa LTD

Capability Statement Explained. Real Client Cap Statement.

Highlights from Online Platform, Booths & Capability Matrix & Statements

Every 2nd Friday is our Aeronautical Agency Primes Lunch & Learn online.

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