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Advanced Manufacturer Application


  • Propulsion Systems 

  • Flight Computing and Avionics 

  • Aerospace Power and Energy Storage 

  • Robotic Systems 

  • Communications, Navigation, and Orbital Debris Tracking/Characterization Systems 

  • Human Health, Life Support, and Habitation Systems 

  • Exploration Destination Systems 

  • Sensors and Instruments 

  • Entry, Descent, and Landing 

  • Autonomous Systems 

  • Software, Modeling, Simulation, and Information Processing 

  • Materials, Structures, Mechanical Systems, and Manufacturing 

  • Ground Test and Surface Systems 

  • Thermal Management Systems 

  • Flight Vehicle Systems 

  • Air Traffic Management and Range Tracking Systems 

  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) ​


  • Machine Shop 

  • Reverse Engineering 

  • 3D Printing 

  • Engineering Projects 

  • Circuit Board Manufacturing 

  • Wiring Harnesses 

  • Advanced Materials (Low-cost high-performance materials for energy storage devices and semiconducting materials for electronic devices and high-performance bio-based composites and polyurethane foams - acoustic/thermal antistatic and plastics manufacturing) 

  • Other 

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