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SaaS System that Makes Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 Technologies Truly Accessible 

If what some organizations are doing with Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT technologies over-solve your problems, we can help. SC.Tech’s SaaS system makes advanced technologies accessible.

Use any sensor – RFID, barcodes, GPS, equipment monitors, and more – plus smart forms to capture the data you need and make it available where and when needed.

Eliminate paper and spreadsheets and then (i) automate manual processes such as processing returnable assets, (ii) track asset locations and counts, (iii) monitor equipment condition and optimize maintenance, (vi) optimize warehouse operations, and more (including AI tools). 

Customizable so it is easy to adopt, straightforward to use. 

Splay: Mobilizing Advanced Display Technology for Tactical & Operational Excellence

Arovia’s Splay by Arovia is a portable, dual-function display and projector, enhancing command and control (C2) communications for DoD operations. It solves the challenge of mobile visual communication with a durable, 24.5-inch FHD screen that operates reliably under extended use in field conditions. Relevant to Combatant Commands, Splay supports interoperability and assured C2 in remote and austere environments.

AI Enabled First Person View (FPV) Tactical, Mixed Reality Goggle System – MSU-1

ISEEYOU360’s MSU-1 goggle system is designed to be interoperable with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), and Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) operation. The technology meets the USD (R&E) Critical Priority Technology Area of Human-Machine Interfaces by enhancing the safety and situational awareness (SA) of operations involving persistent incident awareness utilizing unmanned systems.  The operator is provided a set of “digital eyes,” providing a live stream of forward and rear facing visuals, concurrent with a live feed of the drone or robotic device.  This feed can include thermal optics, and data collection for Command and Control (C2), training, and mapping.

 Self-Regulating Small Wind Turbine Generator Technology

Pirate Wind Turbines is developing industry changing, self-regulating, small wind turbine generator technology. Our goal is to produce 20% more kWh than today’s competitors. We also solve a lot of common issues currently in the small wind turbine industry. Our generator self-regulates the output voltage once an optimum range has been achieved. Our technology does not need electronic brakes or blade furling to purposely slow itself down. We easily integrate into existing charge controllers including MPPT and PWM. We have noticeably less vibration and will be quieter than others, which is great for war fighters and land-based operations.  Our technology is titled ‘StableVolt’ TM and here is what we can accomplish.


  • Automatically regulates output voltage once optimal operations have been achieved

  • Operates in high winds when others need to be slowed down or shut down.

  • Operates with less vibration and noise.

  • It easily integrates into existing off-the-shelf solar charge controllers.

  • Suitable for RECON missions and forward operations.

AI Agent Exchange

Exofense, an innovative startup, is developing a platform to securely connect thousands of Large Language Model (LLM, like ChatGPT) systems/agents, allowing them to collaborate and coordinate with users. The distributed network provides fault tolerance, scalability, and cost savings in hardware and operation.


  • Collective Intelligence: Pooling the knowledge of multiple AI systems for unified strategic insights.

  • Cybersecurity:  Robust data protection in AI communications is vital for strategic decisions.

  • System Resilience:  AI systems are designed to stay operational, even in adverse scenarios.

  • Operational Flexibility:  Scalable AI without large infrastructure is ideal for forward bases and active operation zones.

  • Eco-friendly Ops:  Supports the DoD's sustainability goals and reduces energy costs.

Securing Wireless Networks without Using Data

Endpoint is developing a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) to end wireless attacks on Command and Control where use of wireless communications to move critical information essential personnel is vulnerable to hard-to-detect man-in-the-middle attacks. The WIDS will assist in two distinct miliary capability gaps in Cyber Defense: (1) assured C2 in all environments; ability to move and secure information across all domains; reduced threats to automation & autonomy, and (2) detect and mitigate cyber and electronic threats against mobility platforms, networks, and C2 systems to support uninterrupted operations. This system employs RF fingerprinting based on signal polarization that has dual-use in industrial control systems security for critical infrastructure. The Endpoint method is based on technology licensed from the University of Notre Dame which does not use data. It sees a fingerprint in every RF signal, regardless of the technology or protocol. 

Hybrid Photonics/Plasmonics: the path to 2,000x better computer-interconnects

Microelectronics and computer chips are critical to our national defense and have become ubiquitous across defense systems.  However, computer chips advancements are now limited by the copper wires and associated electronic circuits used to move information around for processing—interconnect circuits are >100x slower than computing circuits, today.  Lumoniq has pioneered a way to miniaturize optical devices to the nanometer scale and harness light to unlock new computer-chip architectures.  Their devices are 2,000x better than conventional optical devices (40x smaller, 12x higher bandwidth, 5x lower energy) and their innovation will finally allow all-optical computer interconnects and replace chip-level copper wires, enabling generational advancements in defense system computer-chips for years to come. 

 REACTOR Distributed Advanced Data Fusion Counter-Swarm UAS Product

“Camgian’s REACTORTM advanced data fusion platform is a multi-layered software product that was developed for Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) and US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as part of an advanced research and development program for counter- Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and missile defense.  REACTOR uses multi-modal AI based algorithms and edge computing with an open architecture that is agnostic to the type of sensor (e.g. Passive RF, EO/IR, radar, acoustic) and effector (e.g. Kinetic, Non-Kinetic).  It can be customized and used to enhance capabilities on any C-UAS weapons platform thus providing the warfighter with significant flexibility. REACTOR provides the Combatant Commanders with a powerful and affordable tool to address emerging threats, such as small UAS (sUAS) swarm mitigation and defeat.” 

On-premises Automated Captioning and Translation for Live and Post Content 

This product is a field-capable, secure, on-premise speech recognition technology that can be used for captioning live content, transcription, translation, and metadata analysis.  It allows content to be readily accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, provides clarity when audio may be unclear/quiet or unavailable, and provides translation capabilities for foreign language content and data analysis of transcriptions. It is a highly portable device that can be used in various environments, including high security, limited/no internet access, internal network connectivity, and open streaming or broadcasting environments. Because of its portability (xxlbs.), compact size (xxxW x xxxD x xxxH), and easy setup, this device is ideal for use in any setting, including the field. Battery powered? How long on a charge?

Instant Equipment Insights

EMPEQ’s AI-enabled Instant Equipment Insights identifies electronic and mechanical parts, recognizes defective components, and facilitates ordering replacements all with one click of a smartphone’s camera.


Critical and Actionable Climate and Weather Intelligence for Military Operations 

BEST climate and weather observing system provides critical and actionable intelligence for military operations. Our sensors deployed on small satellites, are small, cheap, many, and form a proliferated constellation. Passive microwave remote sensing covers environmental monitoring gaps including cloud characterization, weather imagery, ocean surface vector wind, tropical cyclone intensity, snow depth, soil moisture, sea ice characterization, and others. 
Upgraded sensors will be launched annually to maintain the constellation technological superiority.

Air Purification Systems- Protecting People in Facilities and Transportation

ECO 360 is a veteran owned US business that has strategic partnerships that manufacture safe indoor air quality (AIQ) solutions.  The term “indoor” includes people being inside facilities, living spaces or by people simply traveling in different modes of transportation (Space, Air, Land, Water and Submerged Transportation).  Any enclosed space applies to our technology.  We deliver compliant, durable, environmentally conscious, time-tested products to ensure a safe breathing environment for people.  Viruses, pollutants, and other harmful airborne contaminants have forever changed how we interact in any indoor environment.  We are proud to offer leading government and clinically tested HEPA technology with a variety of air purification system options. 

Thermal Pan-Tilt-Zoom 

Vehicle-mountable imaging devices that can detect targets by utilizing heat detection imaging and display imaging to the operator. The device offers 360-degree rotation (pan), and tilt through operator input providing enhanced threat detection, situational awareness, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Sea-launched Group 3 UAVs

LeVanta Tech is developing float-and-fly drones. "Float-and-fly" fills a gap in current technology. Aerial drones have limited endurance. Seaplane drones cannot land and takeoff in rough seas. Underwater and surface vessel drones are slow. "Float-and-fly" provides a persistent sea-air interface with the ability to fly at high speed with low detectability. The motors are off while floating, reducing energy consumption. Initial products are Group 3 UAVs with a 50+ lbs. payload capability, 250+ mile range, and 100-150 knot cruise speed. Our drones can fly with low detectability into a contested zone, land on the ocean and deploy multiple mini-UUVs, after mission completion the mini-UUVs can be retrieved by the float-and-fly drone, and the float-and-fly drone exit the contested zone with high speed and low detectability. Alternatively, the float-and-fly drone could carry a sensor payload for a variety of missions, including subsea, surface, or aerial surveillance and/or communications. The float-and-fly drones are attritable, yet survivable. 

Safety Assist Mobile Construction Safety Application with Advanced Data Analytics

Safety Assist is a digital solution for construction jobsite safety. Our solution helps Defense and non-Defense construction contractors reduce injuries and fatalities during construction activity.  Our product is fully compliant with the Army Core of Engineers Safety Regulations EM 385-1-1 and OSHA Regulations.  There are three main components: 1) Comprehensive Mobile Application 2) Back Office Administration; and 3) Integrated with Microsoft Power BI for near-real time Data Analysis. Utilizing digital tools allows contractors to administer, collect, and analyze large amounts data across all projects and analyze data in near-real time and greatly improve their safety results by producing leading indicators to produce a safer work environment.

MySmartPlans The Ultimate Construction Technology

MySmartPlans was developed and created by experienced people in the construction industry, who as a subcontractor, endured the lack of good document flow and the chaos of miscommunication. The need for audited information from multiple sources of technology that exist during the planning and execution of construction and the eventual turnover of the rich data to run the facility. MySmartPlans hybrid approach combines the human element of a digital librarian with the proprietary software that allows a user to point and click and retrieve the preaudited and linked information at the user's fingertips. Today’s multitude of construction technologies are cumbersome and convoluted to say the least, what is needed is accurate information at your fingertips. MySmartPlans closeout assembly of the Digital Twin incorporates all data before construction, a full record of who what, and where of the construction data, and transfer of data to the owner, facilities management solutions. MySmartPlans creates transparency and accountability and is the one source of truth in project delivery. Trust But verify. MySmartPlans Building A Better Way. 

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT)

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) provides military-proven gunshot detection technologies to target violent crime in our cities. The system consists of a network of self-contained, inconspicuous sensors. Each sensor has self-location and calibration functionality and is designed to be relocatable by the end-user. This capability supports law-enforcement’s motivation to provide targeted, intelligence-led policing for crimes involving the use of firearms as these crimes have high risk resulting in serious physical injury and death.


All Domain Replication System (ADRS) 

All Domain Replication System (ADRS) is a cost-effective Live-Virtualation-Constructive (LVC) solution for precise threat replication. Built on an open architecture, ADRS offers unmatched Command and Control (C2), threat emulation, and signal generation, all tailored to meet your unique specifications. This system will have the ability to leverage Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology, bridging the best in Electromagnetic Spectrum design with integrated control, and provide seamless networking for sensors and emitters.  


Additional Features: 

  • Rapid deployment  

  • Flexible controls 

  • Highly mobile 

  • Pre/Post mission planning tool 


ESP-DLux™ - Automated Germicidal Light Infection Control/Biosecurity System 

The ESP-DLux™ provides continuous disinfection of air and periodic disinfection of hard surfaces using a patented system combining industrial-strength UVC light, sensors and wireless controls. With the ESP-DLux™ installed in a facility, a continuous log of disinfection is maintained, documenting that dangerous pathogens including COVID-19 have been eradicated. The ESP-DLux™ is offered in 2 models to facilitate different needs: the stand-alone Series 100 is designed to be rapidly deployable, while the Series 300 model features advanced Safety-Net™ technology, allowing multiple UVC fixtures to be networked and wirelessly controlled throughout an entire facility. Both models provide powerful, automated UVC disinfection. 

Clean O3 Halo Gear Decontamination Unit – Duffle Bag & Fabric Closet 

We have created Gear Decontamination technology to remove harmful bacteria, virus, flu, chemical contaminants, and pathogens safely & effectively for military and first responder’s, equipment, and tools.  The unit has tested to remove 99.9%+ of the following exposures of MRSA, pneumonia, staph, flu, Covid and 100’s of other viruses, Fentanyl Drug residue, and other biological exposures.  The technology is most utilized as a dry wash and cleaning system in a duffle bag, fabric closet or metal closet design depending on need with successful treatments in 60 minutes or less.   We have also proven with years of active use that the products are able to clean harmful carcinogens as well as sanitize spaces such as vehicles, living areas and gear easily.  The technology was designed by NASA and has been refined and patented over the last 10 years by engineers and used by consumers and commercially with millions of hours of use in law enforcement, sports, and first responders.    

Ruggedized Portable Sterilization Case for Surgical Instruments Austere Environments 

We have created a portable case to sterilize medical and surgical instruments in less than 60 minutes.  The unit is suitcase sized, rugged, lightweight (80lbs) and powered internally.  It is large enough to sanitize the required instruments to perform full surgery in a remote hospital or for an in-field surgery.    The solution provides a simple one button operation to clean and sanitize instruments in a fraction of the current time and space requirement. The unit has effectively tested to the FDA required 6 log sanitation.  Designed and accepted by special forces as an effective, efficient, and being easily transportable for in field use. 

Fast Foam Fire Suppression Unit 

Fast Foam Fire Suppression Unit has developed a patent-pending portable, self-contained, multi-use, firefighting apparatus for use in complementary roles alongside existing infrastructure or in remote locations without access to traditional firefighting equipment or service. 

Psychological Resilience & Operator Enhancement 

P.R.O.E. is designed to enhance SOF operator’s capabilities by exposing them to traumatic incidents in a controlled environment. While assessing and identifying psychological weaknesses, the operator’s biometric data guides the individualized training program for maximum performance enhancement, team success, and longevity of our most valuable warfighters.  

Reveille: Human Performance and Resiliency

Reveille has achieved an impressive 100% ship-out rate to basic military training along with a 90% user engagement rate for US Air Force applicants. The app provides nutrition literacy, exercise guidance, and personalized coaching with performance dietitians to help applicants meet PT test requirements and ship to basic military training. This work is being performed under an Afwerx Phase I and II (Jul’22 - Oct’23).

NeuroTrack Pupillary Assessment Tool

NeuroTrack is an iPhone-deployed decision support tool that can quickly diagnose conditions like concussion, TBI, and autism.  


While a user is watching a video on the device, NeuroTrack uses the front-facing cameras to test eye tracking and pupillary response (scientifically established biomarkers) to diagnose neurological signaling conditions. This device can be used as a universal screening tool for autism diagnosis, immediate post-injury assessment of concussion, and as a scientific measurement tool for drug discovery and neurological testing. 

Installation of Ground Screw Support Utilizing a Patented Pipespinner

OPI’s mobile 700 lb patented Pipespinner attached to a skid steer can insert and remove 3-8" x 72” ground screws safely and efficiently. Ground screws (comprised of a hellical blade, shaft, and connection bracket) are structural elements that provide stability and structural support, replacing traditional concrete foundations with a more sustainable solution. Through combining the efficiency and power of the pipespinner and the unique versatility of the ground screw design, this innovation can help support and fortify the operational infrastructure of combatant command in a myriad of situations.  

Improve DoD Personnel Health while Reducing Healthcare Costs

TRIOLOGY is Smart Technology! Everyone, from the DOD accountants to the new enlistments will benefit. TRIOLOGY reduces healthcare costs, improves health, and morale. Provides superior infection and disease control. Provides accelerated healing. Provides immediate topical pain relief. Improves sleep. BONUS ALERT! Because TRIOLOGY reduces the occurrence and size of community-spread infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi there are fewer sick personnel missing work and needing medical intervention. Healthier personnel at a reduced healthcare cost. That's Smart!

Enhancing Operational Readiness and Resilience

The Department of Defense is using Far UV Technologies’ Whole Room and Upper Room disinfection lighting to keep its shared environments safer and more productive. These continuous and autonomous solutions reduce or eliminate the threat of viruses, bacteria or mold in our occupied spaces. As the first choice for military and civilian applications, these quick and easy to use solutions bring facilities and vehicles into compliance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and best practices for healthy buildings and the recently issued American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 241 Standard for the Control of Infectious Aerosols.


Armdust 2.1 Metal 3D Printer

Our 3D metal printer patent technology would help Operations & Mission Support by being able to provided large scale capabilities being able to printing metal parts up to 30ft x 30ft components with very high precision, our technology would be able to lower the manufacturing costs with quick turnaround complex parts, as well as providing integration of components. Also can be used for field expeditionary repairs (for ground equipment, and emergency airplanes) . 


Magnetic Gears 

Our non-contact magnetic gears put a new spin on an essential technology. FluxWorks is creating self-healing magnetic gearboxes that offer >99% proven efficiency, 4x quieter operation, and unprecedented reliability. Our patented lubrication-free magnetic gear technology unlocks unparalleled performance everywhere from outer space, to the ocean floor, to the inside of the human body. This retrofittable technology can enable hybrid or fully electric transportation and serve as a range extender for air, ground, and subsea vehicles.  This technology can reduce dependence and consumption of fossil fuels while improving flexibility and responsiveness, and maintaining the same speed.   

Power the Future Anywhere with Our AI- Optimized Crossover Hydrogen Solution

Our game-changing power system is one innovative architecture- two revolutionary products. Using our patented and proprietary specialized membranes and formulated alkali water, we can produce pure hydrogen, oxygen, and electricity on demand - anywhere—with no external power or infrastructure required. The rugged, modular, scalable units can operate alone in the harshest environments to energize aircraft, vehicles, ships, submarines, remote bases, and microgrids. We generate ultra-pure hydrogen and oxygen without pipelines or special storage tanks for less than $2/kg. Our systems work perfectly for the military, first responders, and remote locations when hydrogen and oxygen are needed to fuel engines fuel cells or provide lifesaving oxygen gas. The ceramic membrane lasts 10+ years. The ruggedized metal alloy version lasts 25+ years. Both are maintenance-free and have no shelf life. With two breakthrough products from one versatile platform, we are pioneering the future of energy independence and resilience. Our Ecohydrogen and TrinityPower Nexus technology empowers you - anywhere. 

Micron Pure: A Pathogen-Agnostic Countermeasure for Emerging Chem-Bio Threats

Micron Pure using the power of Ozone will protect the warfighter from all manner of toxins: Bacteria, Viruses, Molds and Chemical & Biological Agents 

CAM LOCK Sockets using Harmonic Induction Tool Technology (H.I.T.T.)  Sources

The patented Cam Lock™ Socket uses Harmonic Induction Tool Technology (H.I.T.T.) to allow you to efficiently remove and install nuts, bolts, studs and cap screws by gripping the fastener with no damage.   

AI-based Skills Assessment Simulator to Help Transition Military Forces to Civilian Jobs in Nuclear

PowerTechs is an online platform that addresses the escalating skills shortage in the Nuclear Energy Sector by building AI-based assessments simulators. Our solution measures the existing transferable skills that can be applied to Nuclear, identifies gaps, and generates individual cross-training programs. Using PowerTechs, the DOD can significantly improve its Transition Assistance Program’s results by converting the US military forces to civilian jobs in nuclear and other industries faster and cheaper. Our solution can be also helpful in addressing the internal skills shortages within the DOD.

Military Motor Drives

“Drives” are power converters that change the frequency fed to a motor to make it run efficiently at a different speed. Great gains in system efficiency and functionality are possible with variable speed. Drives are called VFDs. There are many suppliers (Fugi, Toshiba, ABB, Allen Bradly, Siemens, etc). Most are plastic with poor temperature or vibration capability...most are foreign made. Invention House is a small business who has been making specialized, rugged drives for 22 years. We think out of the box and can solve many drive problems, often with a simple solution. We are a DoD Tiger Team.

EvenPhase Super Redundant Propulsion Drive

This is an electronic drive ideal for electric aircraft propulsion. It consists of many small substrates with a few components driving each winding independently. The motor might have 30 windings. If one substrate or winding fails, the motor only looses 1/30 of its power. It is idea for helicopters and Air taxis where loss of power can be fatal. The scheme has very low EMI with then cost and withs of filters. 

SunStat Solar Thermal Collector

Sun-Stat is a parabolic solar collector. Large, 10ft x 20ft, but light weight, it folds into a 2ft X 2ftX 6ft case. It can provide hot water for 28 showers a day, heat meals, and heat barracks. It can provide heat energy equivalent to 46 gallons of diesel per month. 

uGRID Energy Conversion Station (ECS)

Hyperion has developed a three-phase 60 kW bidirectional inverter for tactical microgrids and other edge-power systems. The inverter converts DC power, such as that from battery banks or electric vehicles, into three-phase power, and vice-versa. The inverter’s core electronics are extremely compact and efficient versus comparable technologies. The technology is programmable and networkable which allows it to perform varying roles within the network. The inverter increases the resiliency and flexibility of microgrids and can serve as a gateway to renewables such as wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, microreactors, solar panels, hydropower, electric vehicles, and many others.  

The "Super Wrench" - Battery Powered 

 Merrick Wrench is developing the world's largest and most powerful line of battery powered industrial impact wrenches from 1.5” up to 3.5” drives.  We call them the “Super Wrenches”.  We have currently built and tested a 1,600lb, battery powered wrench that produces up to 320K ft lbs of torque (5x more torque than its nearest, pneumatic competitor) making it possible to unscrew large diameter fasteners every time. We are working on scaling this technology down to include 2-3 additional, smaller sizes for different applications.  

The battery pack 1.) eliminates the need for large, diesel powered air compressors (environmental friendly), 2.) eliminates the long, high pressure air hoses (safer), 3.) is quieter (safer), 4.) allows for precision control at the press of a remote button (efficiency), 5.) and has more available power than anything on the market to ensure the job gets done (effective).   

Current application is: power plants (nuclear, electric, etc...), refineries, and construction.

DC Generator

Our patented Wildcat Maverick DC generator saves our clients time and money by monitoring and maintaining charge on their battery banks, versus traditional AC gensets that backup the whole utility. Running only when a pre-programmed demand is reached, the Wildcat Maverick DC runs less, burns less fuel, needs less maintenance, and by default, produces less emissions.



Oil Reclaiming Mobil Equipment

We have the Oil Reclaiming technology and we have applied it to the Dielectric oil used in power Transformers for several years. Oil Transformer disposal is a high contamination problem and is sold to companies to store in containers forever or to be burned, in any case, is a high contamination of the underground or the atmosphere the carbon footprint simply doesn't exist. Our technology not only saves the carbon footprint but also restores the Oil to its original or better condition because we can remove the sulfur-contain providing not only a green solution based on the circular economy, making money, the idea is to establish process centers to reclaim this oil.

Terra-X: Silicon-Based, Unique Non-Toxic Green Chemical technology combined with “hydroxides”

Terra-X, as a stable complex of silicon in an aqueous solution, exhibits powerful acid properties. When in contact with water or other substances, it provides a high concentration of hydrogen ions. This distinctive feature allows Terra-X to perform a wide range of tasks, applications and novel materials development.

Machining of Metal Components.
3/4/5 Axis, Lathe Capabilities

Addeng Technologies is a CNC machine shop that specializes in the precision machining of metal components. Primarily serving aerospace and agriculture industries, with 3/4/5 axis and lathe capabilities. 

Digital Holography for Identification of Airborne Pathogens and Other Particulate Matter

Our company makes special sensors that can tell us what's floating around in the air, like tiny particles and pollen. These sensors help scientists understand things like weather, air quality, and climate change. We also work with the government to make our technology even better and find new ways to use it. 




Precision Guidance Munitions upgrades for standard munitions

An advanced guidance system designed to transform conventional unguided munitions into precision-guided munitions (PGMs) with heightened accuracy and efficacy. By integrating a comprehensive suite of technologies and a diverse range of sensory equipment, this system enhances munitions' targeting capabilities. Compatible with both airborne-released and surface-to-surface roles, the system offers flexible integration options such as retrofit kits, integrated housing, or as built-in components in new munitions. The system supports Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight (SACLOS) technology for manual and semi-automatic guidance, ensuring optimal adaptability in varied operational scenarios.



Graphene: High-purity, Ecofriendly Graphene at Industrial Scale

HydroGraph’s graphene is the purest, most consistent quality graphene in the world. It is produced with the[VL1]  smallest energy input with the greenest footprint in the market. Due to Hydrograph's purity, it is exceptionally suitable for chemical alteration for use in a wide range of industries including:


  • Shielding – electromagnetic interference (EMI), radar signature reduction

  • Energy – batteries, solar panels, supercapacitors, thermal and electrical conduction

  • Composites - epoxy resins, coatings

  • Lubricants – oils, grease, powders

  • Sensors – Biosensors, medical testing


Graphene has the most remarkable properties of any material known. It enhances mechanical, electrical, and optical properties, electrical and thermal conductivity, and water resistance.

SARGE-AI: Specialized Engagement & Recruiter Guidance Engine 

SARGE-AI is a dual-functioned advanced AI platform designed to streamline talent acquisition, enhance recruiter efficiency, and improve mission success rates. It provides 24/7 real-time, personalized guidance for recruits, helping them navigate the complexities of enlistment and find a career path that matches their skills and interests. Additionally, SARGE-AI is a virtual training ground for recruiters, enabling them to test their techniques and strategies in real time. SARGE-AI evaluates the recruiter's effectiveness and offers instant, actionable feedback and coaching tips, leading to more effective communication and higher success rates in recruitment campaigns.  

Microwave Assisted Deposition (MAD) 3D Printing

The International Space Station spends $1B+ annually on cargo transport but only returns experiments to Earth twice per year due to oversized capsules produced with outdated manufacturing. Raven Space Systems is the only company automating reentry capsule production and refurbishment with patent-pending 3D printing to produce capsules sized for space cargo transport 10X faster at 95% lower cost. Just as launch was made accessible through automated rocket manufacturing and reusability. Raven is automating reentry vehicle manufacturing and reusability to make space cargo return accessible.

AION Thin Films for Thermal Management in Power Electronics

Nitride Global Inc. is the leading supplier of high purity polycrystalline Aluminum Nitride (poly-AlN) and Aluminum Oxynitride (AlON) materials. Nitride Global's technology and high-purity materials serve advanced electronics and semiconductor companies as well as defense solution providers and the US government. Uses include: increasing efficiency and yield in UV-C LEDs, high-density packages with advanced thermal management like laser sensors (LiDAR) & reducing downtime and costs in semiconductor manufacturing. Nitride Global has significant intellectual property to manufacture high purity and high quality AlN materials. 

Resilient Location Authentication Intelligence (RLAI)

iDvera’s Resilient Location Authentication Intelligence (RLAI) technology is a non-spoofable AI enabled solution with unparalleled accuracy, resilience, and security that does not rely on GPS or satellites. By harnessing a diverse array of data sources and advanced algorithms, our approach effectively addresses the limitations of GPS, particularly in challenging environments such as dense urban areas, indoors, or when GPS signals are obstructed or unavailable. Sensor data provide valuable context and motion information, while proprietary technology offers stable and reliable reference points for orientation and precise ranging. Our sensor fusion algorithms combine these inputs to calculate accurate and resilient position data, reducing dependency on GPS. Our autonomous technology is at a Government Technology Readiness Level 3 and addresses the DoD open need for Precision, Navigation & Timing solutions.

Advanced Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) of Novel Metallic Structures for Lightweight Hypersonic Applications

Emerging hypersonic vehicles encounter extreme heat during flight. Surface temperatures can reach up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures are detrimental to the internal systems of these vehicles. Our technical and commercial team offers a unique, non-toxic, low-cost surface conversion technology that provides exceptional thermal protection. Our technology converts the metal surface of a variety of light alloys into thin, ultra-hard, erosion and oxidation resistant ceramic layers that completely seal the metal surface. The insulating ceramic coating grows into the parent metal, making it impossible to delaminate from the substrate like traditional coatings. These ceramic layers are thin, highly conformal, and can be applied to virtually any size or complex geometry parts. Our novel ceramic surfaces provide the synergistic benefits of ultra-hard ceramics and light-weight alloys. These coatings are created using a novel, highly predictable and repeatable immersion procedure that utilizes no hazardous or toxic chemicals. 

Cloud Engineering

This technology utilizes a Directed Energy Apparatus to restore natural regulation of cloud growth. By manipulating existing energy potentials in our atmosphere, we are able to create more favorable weather patterns. By enhancing cloud growth and cloud cover, we can directly address the imminent threat of excessive heating in our atmosphere via the cloud's absorption of Infrared Energy. As a byproduct of function, the DE interactions with the atmospheric medium have implications for the efficacy of both HEL and HPM weapon systems. At an ultra-high intensity, the DE apparatus can be maliciously directed against biological systems.  Alongside this great risk, the apparatus has the capability to address hazardous weather conditions associated with nuclear fallout. The TRL stands at 6. 

Industry Specific Green Chemicals and Disinfectants

ECO 360, LLC is a Research and Development (R&D) and Distribution company with strategic manufacturing partnerships that create industry-specific green chemicals to protect human health and the environment. Our chemical products touch every industry and include water treatment, facility hygiene (Janitorial/Sanitizing), food and beverage, and land, sea, and air transportation chemicals. One example is our green disinfectant’s capability to destroy over 99.99% of surface-based viruses including actual SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and its variants.

REE-Aloy XXYY™ Innovative Next-Generation Alloy System

ARA-NEUK LLC has presently developed sixteen (16) REE-Aloy XXYY™ innovative alloy series whose aim is revolutionizing the technologies concerning advanced materials, safety in clean energy production, and decarbonization. REE-Aloy XXYY™ alloy series first-of-a-kind production methodology complies with the Paris Agreement decarbonization initiatives, while the properties of the novel advanced intermetallic matrices thereof are vastly improved. Optimally, REE-Aloy XXYY™ matrices can be more advantageous than aluminum, steel, titanium, magnesium alloys, and nickel-based superalloys. As such, ARA-NEUK LLC’s novel system of alloys has various unique characteristics for highly versatile, oxidation resistant, and high temperature applications in advancing structural alloys, nuclear reactor components,

permanent magnets, and microelectronic devices technologies.

Cleaning Water and Desalination

Clean contaminated or salt water and return potable water or drinking water.

The Massbox – A field Ready Solid State Mass Spectrometer

The Massbox allows the material scientist, supply chain manager, engineer, lab scientist, etc. to analyze any solid material for its elemental composition in minutes both at the base and in the field. The simplicity of the design means that it only requires a single plug out of the back and can sit on a desktop. Some of the problems the Massbox solves range from QA/QC of received and/or generated material, failure/counterfeit analysis, point-of-origin determination, chemical mapping for non-compliance, new material development and reverse engineering. The Massbox is already currently serving both the DOD and DOE as well as national industry to solve problems in metals, coatings, batteries and nuclear, it is commercial and ready solve immediate national security issues. 

Automatic Defect Detection and Quality Control using Augmented Reality is a revolutionary defect detection and error proofing solution that utilizes augmented reality to detect anomalies with lightning speed and accuracy. is the world's first smart augmented reality defect detection system, providing the highest quality assurance in the industry. Our hands-free technology allows for faster and more accurate error detection, helping to increase process throughput and eliminate errors.

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