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SaaS System that Makes Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 Technologies Truly Accessible 

If what some organizations are doing with Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT technologies over-solve your problems, we can help.
Our SaaS system makes advanced technologies accessible.
Use any sensor – RFID, barcodes, GPS, equipment monitors, and more – plus smart forms to capture the data you need and make it available where and when needed.
Eliminate paper and spreadsheets and then (i) automate manual processes such as processing returnable assets, (ii) track asset locations and counts, (iii) monitor equipment condition and optimize maintenance, (vi) optimize warehouse operations, and more (including AI tools).
Customizable so it is easy to adopt, straightforward to use.

Splay: Patent-granted Expandable, Portable, Display Technology 

Arovia’s Splay is a unique collapsible, portable device that doubles as both a display and projector. It has a 24.5-inch FHD (3x larger than a laptop screen) portable display that expands and folds in seconds and transforms into a projector. Splay is significantly more portable since it folds to fit in a bag, weighs 3x less than any Desktop Monitor, and is battery-powered. Splay has many use-cases including mobile command post, audiovisual teleprompter, low-vision magnification, professional presentations, videos & live sports. It is also suitable for a wide range of applications including consumer, military, medical, educational, and more. Splay has 8 patents granted worldwide and is at Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL9). 

AI Agent Exchange

Exofense's AI Agent Exchange is a groundbreaking platform that enables seamless communication between diverse AI agents. Born from a fusion of advanced networking and robust cybersecurity expertise, the platform ensures that AI interactions are efficient and secure. Emphasizing interoperability allows AI agents to share knowledge and insights, irrespective of their origins. As AI becomes increasingly integral to various sectors, Exofense's platform addresses the critical need for secure and collaborative AI communication, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the AI landscape. Through the AI Agent Exchange, Exofense is shaping the future of interconnected AI systems.

ROADFI360 - Self-Contained Portable High Speed WiFi System 

ISEEYOU360’s ROADFI360 is a self-contained portable high-speed connectivity Wi-Fi system contained in a ruggedized case for use in limited cellular reception locations. ROADFI360 includes a mobile router, antenna array, powered by ac/dc, solar or mobile power pack with an extended life battery on model and options. ROADFI360 provides high speed internet and voice communications up to 150 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Supports multiple simultaneous users, can be used in contested weather conditions.  Antennas receive cellular signal from multiple carriers including international providers as well as supports Starlink capabilities. 

 Self-Regulating Small Wind Turbine Generator Technology

Pirate Wind Turbines is developing industry changing, self-regulating, small wind turbine generator technology. Our technology solves a lot of common issues currently common in the small wind industry. Our generator self-regulates in high winds and when R & D is complete, will include the following claims, Compact modular design Folding, telescopic blades Does not need to slow down in high winds Does not need electronic brakes to slow down Easily integrates into existing charge controllers including MPPT and PWM Noticeably less vibration Will be quieter than other brands Will be perfect for the war fighter and land based operations.


Critical and Actionable Climate and Weather Intelligence for Military Operations 

BEST climate and weather observing system provides critical and actionable intelligence for military operations. Our sensors deployed on small satellites, are small, cheap, many, and form a proliferated constellation. Passive microwave remote sensing covers environmental monitoring gaps including cloud characterization, weather imagery, ocean surface vector wind, tropical cyclone intensity, snow depth, soil moisture, sea ice characterization, and others. 
Upgraded sensors will be launched annually to maintain the constellation technological superiority.

Air Purification Systems- Protecting People in Facilities and Transportation

ECO 360 is a veteran owned US business that has strategic partnerships that manufacture safe indoor air quality (AIQ) solutions.  The term “indoor” includes people being inside facilities, living spaces or by people simply traveling in different modes of transportation (Space, Air, Land, Water and Submerged Transportation).  Any enclosed space applies to our technology.  We deliver compliant, durable, environmentally conscious, time-tested products to ensure a safe breathing environment for people.  Viruses, pollutants, and other harmful airborne contaminants have forever changed how we interact in any indoor environment.  We are proud to offer leading government and clinically tested HEPA technology with a variety of air purification system options. 

“Multi-Modal-Threat-Detection" (M2TD) Technology for Enhanced Protection, Security, and Defense 

Hyperion has developed a Multi-Modal-Threat-Detection (M2TD) system that merges artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with various sensor technologies to rapidly detect, classify, and determine possible security threats to military installations. Hyperion has developed a prototype system which will ultimately demonstrates viability of “on-the-edge” AI/ML fusion into existing sensor systems in a security centric environment. The system is rapidly deployable, self-powered, and self-contained, thus providing a more adaptable security solution to lessen the burden on security personnel. The system uses modalities including acoustic, seismic, visible-optical, and infrared to form an integrated real-time situational awareness picture. 


All Domain Replication System (ADRS) 

All Domain Replication System (ADRS) is a cost-effective Live-Virtualation-Constructive (LVC) solution for precise threat replication. Built on an open architecture, ADRS offers unmatched Command and Control (C2), threat emulation, and signal generation, all tailored to meet your unique specifications. This system will have the ability to leverage Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology, bridging the best in Electromagnetic Spectrum design with integrated control, and provide seamless networking for sensors and emitters. 


ESP-DLux™ - Automated Germicidal Light Infection Control/Biosecurity System 

The ESP-DLux™ provides continuous disinfection of air and periodic disinfection of hard surfaces using a patented system combining industrial-strength UVC light, sensors and wireless controls. With the ESP-DLux™ installed in a facility, a continuous log of disinfection is maintained, documenting that dangerous pathogens including COVID-19 have been eradicated. The ESP-DLux™ is offered in 2 models to facilitate different needs: the stand-alone Series 100 is designed to be rapidly deployable, while the Series 300 model features advanced Safety-Net™ technology, allowing multiple UVC fixtures to be networked and wirelessly controlled throughout an entire facility. Both models provide powerful, automated UVC disinfection. 

Clean O3 Halo Gear Decontamination Unit – Duffle Bag & Fabric Closet 

We have created a Gear Decontamination Unit to remove harmful bacteria, contaminants, and pathogens safely & effectively for military and first responder’s, equipment, and tools.  The unit has tested to remove 99.9%+ of the following exposures of MRSA, pneumonia, staph, flu, Covid and 100’s of other viruses, Fentanyl Drug residue, and other biological exposures.  The device is currently being utilized in a duffle bag, fabric closet and metal closet design depending on need.   The technology was designed by NASA and has been refined and patented over the last 10 years by engineers and used by consumers and law enforcement with millions of hours of use in law enforcement, sports, and first responders.   

Ruggedized Portable Sterilization Case for Surgical Instruments Austere Environments 

We have created a portable case to sterilize medical and surgical instruments in less than 60 minutes.  The unit is suitcase sized, rugged, lightweight (80lbs) and powered internally.  It is large enough to sanitize the required instruments to perform full surgery in a remote hospital or for an in field surgery.    The solution provides a simple one button operation to clean and sanitize instruments in a fraction of the current time and space requirement. The effectively tested to the FDA required 6 log sanitation.  The unit is effective, efficient, and easily transportable. 

Fast Foam Fire Suppression Unit 

Fast Foam Fire Suppression Unit has developed a patent-pending portable, self-contained, multi-use, firefighting apparatus for use in complementary roles alongside existing infrastructure or in remote locations without access to traditional firefighting equipment or service. 

Psychological Resilience & Operator Enhancement 

Our solutions enhance operators’ capabilities by addressing critical training gaps related to stress, trauma, and ethical dilemmas. This specialized psychological training equips warfighters with resilience, trauma coping, and ethical decision-making skills, ultimately improving their performance and mental well-being. Exposure elements allow the identification of operator vulnerabilities and make room for correction, enhancing SOF operational effectiveness, strength, and post-service success. Our Integrated Resilience Framework combines immediate stress management with long-term mental health strategies, incorporating mindfulness practices and cognitive tools. Additionally, personalized assessments enable tailored training interventions to cater to the unique needs of each SOF member, ensuring their psychological strengths and challenges. 

Reveille: Human Performance and Resiliency

Reveille has achieved an impressive 100% ship-out rate to basic military training along with a 90% user engagement rate for US Air Force applicants. The app provides nutrition literacy, exercise guidance, and personalized coaching with performance dietitians to help applicants meet PT test requirements and ship to basic military training. This work is being performed under an Afwerx Phase I and II (Jul’22 - Oct’23).


TitleChain:  Blockchain-Powered Digital Asset Registry for Supply Chain Transparency Intelligence  

TitleChain leverages blockchain technology to offer an immutable, transparent, and secure digital asset title registry, enhancing supply chain visibility and trust, and mitigating risks from fraud and cyber threats.  TitleChain issues immutable status updates by creating digital asset title registries to capture key supply chain events.  Digital asset title registries enable a paradigm shift in supply chain information and data sharing; moving from bottom-up institutional communications, to certified transactional histories (manufacturing events) facilitated by, and made secure, using the simple structure of the blockchain.   


Magnetic Gears 

Our non-contact magnetic gears put a new spin on an essential technology. FluxWorks is creating self-healing magnetic gearboxes that offer >99% proven efficiency, 4x quieter operation, and unprecedented reliability. Our patented lubrication-free magnetic gear technology unlocks unparalleled performance everywhere from outer space, to the ocean floor, to the inside of the human body. This retrofittable technology can enable hybrid or fully electric transportation and serve as a range extender for air, ground, and subsea vehicles.  Magnetic gears backlash-free operation and overload protection capabilities have the potential to improve flexibility and responsiveness, all while maintaining the same speed.   

EcoHydroGen©: AI Powered Scalable and Portable-On-Demand Hydrogen, Electricity, and Oxygen Generator System 

When electric current demand is applied to the EcoHydroGen© system, a sodium-potassium alloy and alkali water separated by a membrane split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas and electric current are produced simultaneously within the reactor. The electrical polarity is reversed to recharge, reforming the alloy metals and generating Oxygen gas during the process. This innovative system automatically manages the internal chemical reactions to generate sustainable energy on demand. EcoHydroGen© continuously produces hydrogen and electricity from just electricity and water in a self-contained unit. When two of those systems are assembled with a hydrogen electric generator, the system becomes a closed loop power unit that can be operated for years only, adding alkali water and maintenance free. 

Ozone Air Purification at the Sub-micron Level to Destroy Impurities and Increase Health 

Micron Pure is a Research and Development (R&D) company that focuses on creating scalable technologies and products that promote and protect human health and environment. Our product is:

CerroZone (Marmon Holdings): 
A best in class air purification system, the technology developed by a Hecto Group company is a FDA 510(k) cleared device. 3rd party testing demonstrated its capability to destroy over 99.99% of airborne viruses including actual SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and variants. 

 Tactical Energy Conversion (TEC) 

Hyperion has developed a family of technologies for highly-efficient bidirectional power conversation. The technologies may be used in edge-power applications such as military forward-deployed microgrids, vehicle-to-power-grid, emergency power grids, and/or other "tactical power" application. This technology allows for increased grid resiliency, reduced logistical footprint, reduced aggregate fuel consumption, improved power quality, and can serve as a gateway to renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, fuel cells, microreactors, solar panels, hydropower, power harvesting from electric vehicles, and others. 

Harmonic Induction Tool Technology (H.I.T.T.) and Clean Power Sources  

Merrick Brothers is excited to offer the CAM LOCK Socket and Harmonic Induction Tool Technology. Remove and install threaded fasteners with zero damage to the stud, nut, or hex. As the socket turns, the internal jaws travel up the cams and compress the fastener. The tool then becomes a conduit of harmonic energy from the power source (our innovative impact wrenches) to the threads of the fastener. The result is an induction of harmonic energy into the fastener which “lubricates” the threads in the most effective way. This, coupled with the prescribed amount of torque results in the reliable removal of any threaded fastener.

The power source providing this harmonic energy is supplied by our innovative line of battery powered industrial impact wrenches. Producing up to 5x more torque and RPMs than a traditional, pneumatic impact wrench, these wrenches provide an abundance of torque and RPMs to unscrew large diameter fasteners every time. The battery pack eliminates the need for large, diesel-powered air compressors while also supplying much more end power.

AI Simulator-based Assessments and Virtual Labs to radically reskill the US blue-collar workforce.

The demand for the clean-power workforce is increasing faster than people are being trained. The lack of millions of skilled workers poses a bottleneck for deploying clean technologies, slowing the energy transition. PowerTechs provides a revolutionary approach that addresses this critical issue by using AI simulator-based assessments and virtual labs to identify transferable skills that workers from other industries already have, to apply those competencies to new jobs in the clean energy sector, and to generate adaptive learning journeys to fill in the gaps. So that we radically reskill the US workforce from conventional (coal, gas) to alternative energy, manufacturing, and heavy industries (nuclear, solar, wind, hydrogen, cement, steel, etc.).



Ecofriendly pristine ‘detonation graphene’ at industrial scale 

Graphene is the world’s thinnest material. It measures 1 atom thick, yet it enhances strength, water resistance, thermal conductivity, flexibility, and electrical conductivity. It has applications in a wide range of industries from batteries, solar panels, supercapacitors, epoxy, resins, and carbon fiber to paint, inks, and medical sensors. HydroGraph’s graphene is the purest and most consistent turbostratic graphene available and is produced with the smallest energy input and greenest output in the market. HydroGraph’s graphene is versatile and unique and is revolutionize industries and technology. 

Armdust 2.1 Metal 3D Printer 

We developed large-scale metal 3d printers M Aerospace RTC core business is developing, manufacturing and marketing large scale 3D metal printers that can print up to 1,000 cubic meters with 10 microns of precision. 

The company combines the sale of differentiated printers with the efficiency of targeted contract manufacturing utilizing the same printer and materials technologies. 

M Aerospace was founded in 2018 with a focus on the development of the first affordable large 3D Metal Printing Systems “Armdust 2.0” utilizing patented Laser Thermal Cladding technology. The company aims to provide a more cost effective solution at the manufacturing level.

SERGE-AI: Specialized Engagement & Recruiter Guidance Engine 

SERGE-AI, a go-to platform for military recruiting like you've never seen before. We're revolutionizing the way the military finds top talent and equipping recruiters for unparalleled success. Imagine a tool so intuitive that potential recruits can get instant, personalized answers to their questions 24/7. And for recruiters? Imagine having a personal coach in your pocket, guiding you through the ins and outs of your mission, ensuring you meet and exceed your targets. We're not just changing the game; we're setting a whole new standard. 

Microwave Assisted Deposition (MAD) 3D Printing

The International Space Station spends $1B+ annually on cargo transport but only returns experiments to Earth twice per year due to oversized capsules produced with outdated manufacturing. Raven Space Systems is the only company automating reentry capsule production and refurbishment with patent-pending 3D printing to produce capsules sized for space cargo transport 10X faster at 95% lower cost. Just as launch was made accessible through automated rocket manufacturing and reusability. Raven is automating reentry vehicle manufacturing and reusability to make space cargo return accessible.



 Oil Reclaiming Mobil Equipment

We have the Oil Reclaiming technology and we have applied it to the Dielectric oil used in power Transformers for several years. Oil Transformer disposal is a high contamination problem and is sold to companies to store in containers forever or to be burned, in any case, is a high contamination of the underground or the atmosphere the carbon footprint simply doesn't exist. Our technology not only saves the carbon footprint but also restores the Oil to its original or better condition because we can remove the sulfur-contain providing not only a green solution based on the circular economy, making money, the idea is to establish process centers to reclaim this oil.

Terra-X: Silicon-Based, Unique Non-Toxic Green Chemical technology combined with “hydroxides”

Terra-X, as a stable complex of silicon in an aqueous solution, exhibits powerful acid properties. When in contact with water or other substances, it provides a high concentration of hydrogen ions. This distinctive feature allows Terra-X to perform a wide range of tasks, applications and novel materials development.

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