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OPERA – Operational Process Efficiency and Resource Analytics

Our SaaS system uses customizable smart forms and sensors (such as RFID, barcodes, GPS, and equipment monitors) to ensure that data is captured and made readily accessible when and where needed. 


Our customers use our system to: (1) Eliminate paper and spreadsheets. (2) Automate manual processes. (3) Reduce errors and time on task so staff can focus on higher value-added activities. (4) Eliminate uncertainty regarding asset counts, locations, and conditions. (5) Get real-time reporting, analytics, and alerts for operational exceptions.


Our system delivers immediate bottom-line impact. It adapts to your processes and adjusts easily as your processes and needs evolve. We can improve on any process run using paper or spreadsheets and will deliver a streamlined operational landscape.


Powerful, yet easy to adopt and straightforward to use.

SIEGE: Secure Integrated Environment for Group Exploitation

SIEGE is an offensive security collaborative orchestration platform which is designed to enhance offensive cyber capabilities for dual-use, including both national and commercial security. SIEGE enables real-time collaboration among offensive cyber operators through its stealthy Command and Control (C2) agent network. SIEGE provides a visual and collaborative C2 command center and promotes intuitive and rapid decision-making for global offensive cyber operations. By allowing operators to create their own secure and stealthy C2 networks, SIEGE enhances operator’s command of vast attack systems for offensive cyber and reconnaissance missions, enabling global collaboration among distributed cyber warfare operators.

Archimedes Series Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vessel

Our self-driving and task automation can offset labor shortages and create a more resilient supply chain while simultaneously reducing emissions and increasing safety. Our system is used to inform vessel movements in busy ports and waterways to allow shipping companies to maximize profits and eliminate running aground. It can also aid in crucial tasks like habitat mapping and storm recovery, allowing ports to reopen in hours instead of days or weeks of closure after a storm. 

Sensor to Detect Rogue Wireless Devices

Endpoint can detect rogue wireless assets with a novel sensor useful to prevent cyberattacks in machine-to-machine wireless communications. The sensor will assist in two distinct miliary capability gaps in Cyber Defense: (1) assured C2 in all environments; ability to move and secure information across all domains; reduced threats to automation & autonomy, and (2) detect and mitigate cyber and electronic threats against mobility platforms, networks, and C2 systems to support uninterrupted operations. The sensor employs RF fingerprinting based on signal polarization that has dual-use in industrial control systems security for critical infrastructure. The Endpoint method is based on technology licensed from the University of Notre Dame which does not use data, but rather sees an analog fingerprint in every RF signal, regardless of the technology or protocol. 

Nanoscale Hybrid-Optical Interconnects for Microelectronic Communication

Lumoniq is miniaturizing optical/photonic devices to control light at the nanometer scale: ~1,000x smaller than a human hair and ~40x smaller than state-of-the-art silicon photonics. This miniaturization leads to devices that are ~2um^2 in area, have bandwidths up to 500 Gbps, and consume ~10fJ/bit of energy—an aggregate speed/area/energy benefit of >2,000x compared to conventional Si-photonics. These optical devices can be directly manufactured within electronic computer chips, combining the computational capabilities of electronics with the communication capabilities of photonics. The resulting opto-electronic circuits can be used to create computer interconnects that break existing bandwidth and microelectronic barriers. 


pFluxCT - Real-time Threat Identification From Complex Video Environments

Flux Tensor has developed “front line” mathematically driven algorithms that categorize incoming video in near real-time and provide immediate alerts for high-risk security environments. These products are being funded and analyzed by the DHS. We have recently started validation with their national test bed facility in Massachusetts and should be more broadly deployed at their field test sites by the end of 2023. Importantly, our algorithms rely ONLY on mathematical analysis and do not require any system training or scene-to-scene optimization. Thus, they are VERY fast with minimal computing requirements compared to other systems on the market.

Sea-Launched Aerial Drones

LeVanta Tech is developing sea-launched, Group 2-4 UAS. Our float-and-fly drones provide a persistent sea-air interface capable of high-speed flight with low detectability. The motors are off while floating, reducing energy consumption. "Float-and-fly" fills a gap in current technology by having high endurance, rough seas persistence, and high speed. Float-and-fly enables numerous defense missions. The float-and-fly drones are attritable, yet survivable.

SCREAMM – Supply Chain Risk Event Assessment, Mitigation, & Monitoring for Food

The pandemic, along with the government's response, shifted the food industry, causing producers to focus on all supply chain risks.  SCREAMM, a web-based supply chain risk management solution; integrates with email and Business Intelligence applications, provides user and ERM governance support.  It provides standard functionality for risk assessment, mitigation, monitoring, contingency planning, and network design.  It differentiates itself by leveraging inventory and operational performance data to tell stories with regards to regulatory compliance, variances to SIOP budget(s), and employee performance.  Customers can leverage the efforts of their suppliers.  It facilitates social responsibility through its food insecurity, and contingency partnership portals.

High-performance and ecofriendly space propulsion technology

Aphelion Aerospace has finally cracked the code on ecofriendly propulsion without compromising performance. For decades, governments around the world have been looking for ecofriendly alternatives to the toxic hydrazine based propulsion systems that power satellites. Now, we have what we believe is the best green alternative to anything hydrazine based. We are commercializing satellite propulsion systems that are fueled with our internally developed and patented ecofriendly fuel. We currently have R&D contracts with NASA and DoD for over $2.5M, over $30M in pending near term 70/30 government/commercial contracts, and over $1.5B in future revenue potential over the next 10 years based on actual RFQs, LOIs, MOUs, and customer testimonials. Our fuel has terrestrial applications as well.

SunSite AquaDrone

Envision this technology, a drone that’s a master of sea, sky, and land. Our cutting-edge drone effortlessly transitions between air and water, equipped with LiDAR, sonar, and photogrammetry to create detailed maps of all terrains. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view and a dolphin’s sonar in one device. This drone is perfect for explorers, environmentalists, and map enthusiasts who crave a complete picture of the world’s landscapes. Dive into the ocean depths or soar through the skies—our drone captures it all, seamlessly stitching together the earth’s stories into one comprehensive map.

“HydraCat” Autonomous Maritime Multi-Domain Awareness System

This technology generates digital maps of terrain and infrastructure in coastal, seaport, and waterway environments. Data generated provides decision makers and operators with a single three-dimensional image, a “digital twin,” of the entire marine environment sourced from images above and below the wave tops in a near real-time format. The result is holistic multi-media imaging capable of providing inspection-grade, Multi-Domain Awareness data to decision makers, Maritime Operations Center teams, and field operators to mitigate operational risks while enhancing operations safety and success.

Bio-Inspired Photonics for Improved and Miniaturized Sensor Systems

Our biologically inspired photonic crystals are intended to function as ultra-portable, wearable chemical sensors. They can be designed to detect chemical warfare agents and provide a rapid visual indicator to the warfighter. Our innovation edge comes from incorporating structural features found in nature, such as randomness and aperiodicity, at the nanometer-scale. These bio-inspired features can imbue a sensor with high selectivity and high sensitivity, outperforming conventional synthetic designs.  

Autonomous Multi-Role Air Delivery Vehicle (AMRADV)

This unique, autonomous vehicle is a heavy-lift, long flight duration multi-rotor UAV platform that can operate in contested environments, lift a 50 lb. payload, and can be employed from a variety of vehicles. AMRADV can help the military or corporations move heavy equipment/supplies around autonomously saving time, energy, money, and lives and helping to improve logistics and operations. It can carry multiple payloads such as speaker systems, lifesaving equipment, medical supplies, ISR payloads and additional modular payload systems. It will collaborate and work together with people in the field and can replace legacy ground-based systems such as backpackable EW components that need a person to position the equipment in a potentially hostile zone.  It can provide overwatch or loitering missions through multi-sensor camera solutions making this a truly day or night flight capable platform. 

AI-Powered Drone Livestock Management System – (HerdsEyeView™) 

HerdsEyeView™ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered aerial drone technology designed to revolutionize livestock management. It provides real-time data and insights to enhance efficiency, animal welfare, and overall productivity for farmers and ranchers. By leveraging advanced drone and AI technology, HerdsEyeView™ aims to transform the future of agriculture with precise and actionable information.



Individualized assessment and practice for reading and spelling improvement  

VTO Reading assists teachers, therapists, and tutors in accelerating the pace of literacy acquisition by individualizing assessment and practice. The science of reading including phonics instruction, word origin, and the structure of the English language underpin this method. For a workforce with limited English proficiency, either due to language barriers or low academic achievement, this tool will provide individualized instruction with automated feedback using AI’s large language models. The result is a more literate and capable population regardless of past difficulties with education. 

Motorized Cart Assembly

Motorized Cart Assembly can assist with transporting a pop tent or umbrella for individuals with mobility impairments or their caregivers. It is a lightweight, autonomous wagon/cart, powered by a battery; capable of connecting to smart devices or wearable technology via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The technology features an app that allows its user to control it remotely or set programmable locations. This means users can guide the wagon/cart from a distance or pre-program it to move to specific locations autonomously. Additionally, it can be configured to follow its user to a desired location or be directed to a specific area independently. 

Automatic Mosquito Larvicide Dispensing Device

Mosquitoes often breed in hard-to-reach places such as steep drainage ditches and ephemeral pools. Trained personnel must apply mosquito poison to these areas on a regular basis. The Automatic Mosquito Larvicide Dispensing Device dispenses pesticide that only hurts mosquitoes, controlling disease and nuisance mosquitoes with less labor than competing technologies. The only human interaction required is setting up the device, which is barely larger than a trail camera, and refilling the pesticide once a year. As the threat of new mosquito-borne zoonotic diseases rises, so does the need for scalable, low-labor mosquito control. 

Vaah Purifying Tampon

VAAH™ Purifying Tampons are all-natural, biodegradable, easy to use purifying tampons that are easily accessed by consumers with no doctor visits required. VAAH™ 100% cotton Purifying Tampons contain a selective additive for the adsorption, entrapment, and extraction of odors and disease-causing pathogens while preserving beneficial bacteria. Adding VAAH™ Purifying Tampons to a field medic’s kit can increase the utilization of female combatants in active field duty by greatly reducing the need for antibiotics and simplifying vaginal healthcare. This technology benefits Human Systems in both survivability and readiness for recovery and personnel management. 

Myri Health: AI Solutions Supporting Service Members’ Reproductive Health

The Myri Health App is transforming maternal care with personalized support during pregnancy and postpartum using advanced AI technology. It helps identify high-risk pregnancies, offers custom rehab exercises, mental health check-ins, and tracks the health of both mothers and babies. By working closely with healthcare providers, Myri Health improves birth outcomes and provides ongoing support. It enhances maternal health and reduces costs, paving the way for a healthier future for mothers everywhere. 

Ocurate: Portable, Repeatable Oculomotor Measurement Tool for Neurological Deficits  

The Ocurate is a compact, reliable, reproducible, non-electronic tool that also allows the patient to remain still (as opposed to those items on the market that have to be placed around the head of the patient which may be contraindicated in head injury), for rapid assessment of oculomotor function for patients who have experienced a head trauma. Currently, the tests performed to determine oculomotor function are not fully standardized within the medical profession and are often performed using different tools. This lack of standardization can lead to imprecise diagnosis. The Ocurate will be highly valuable during the Golden Hour after initial head injury, as well as for tracking a patient’s ability to return to active duty/full activity, and for long-term monitoring of the patient's continuing level of impairment. The tool can be used to standardize oculomotor assessments in the field to render a more consistent and repeatable screening for indications of head trauma, concussion, and other neuro-impairments. 

CaDI: A Highly Sensitive Point-of-Need Immunoassay Platform  

BurstDX is revolutionizing point-of-need immunoassays, delivering accurate, rapid, low-cost, user-friendly diagnostic tools accessible in any setting. Our capillary-flow-driven immunoassay (CaDI) platform offers laboratory-grade results in <10 minutes without the traditional lab. CaDI integrates all the functionalities of a conventional laboratory enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) into a compact, user-friendly device that resembles a lateral flow assay (LFA), requiring only a one-step sample addition. CaDI works in tandem with an affordable chemiluminescence reader to improve sensitivity, detection limits, and add quantification capability, opening new doors for rapid, accurate, quantitative results across human health, food safety, and environmental testing, among other applications.

TACMed Pump Training System (Tactical Medical Pump)  

Saving lives is important in any situation. Savings lives in stressful tactical situations is even more difficult. TACMed Pump provides a real life training solution to the alternative of working with polymer based training aids. The TACMed pumping system in addition to a Pig training cadaver provides as a training aid to tactical scenarios where techniques to quickly stop bleeding can be taught. The trainee experiences real life feel of flesh as well as the nuances found when working with flesh. 

Rapid Infrared Disinfection System for Airborne Pathogens 

CASSIE utilizes patented infrared technology to disinfect filters contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and molds within 8 seconds. Unlike other disinfection systems, it can penetrate biological matter more effectively. Additionally, CASSIE is software-controlled - it monitors air quality, disinfection cycles, humidity, temperature, and tracks maintenance schedules.  

Therapeutic Wearable to Treat Back Pain Without Dependence on Drugs or Surgery

 VerteCore Technologies has created a game-changing solution for back pain and spinal compression disorders with its innovative wearable devices. The VerteCore Lift® represents a significant advancement in therapeutic spinal decompression, offering a portable, easy to use form factor, which provides pain relief and accelerates rehabilitation without reliance on drugs or risky surgery. The effective, user friendly features and portable nature of VerteCore’s wearables means that relief goes where you go, allowing patients to be drug free, surgery free, pain free.

ESP-DLux® - Automated Germicidal Light Infection Control/Biosecurity System  

The ESP-DLux® provides continuous disinfection of air and periodic disinfection of hard surfaces using a patented system combining industrial-strength UVC light, sensors and wireless controls. With the ESP-DLux® installed in a facility, a continuous log of disinfection is maintained, documenting that dangerous pathogens including COVID-19 have been eradicated. The ESP-DLux® is offered in 2 models to facilitate different needs: the stand-alone Series 100 is designed to be rapidly deployable, while the Series 300 model features advanced Safety-Net® technology, allowing multiple UVC fixtures to be networked and wirelessly controlled throughout an entire facility. Both models provide powerful, automated UVC disinfection. 

ESP-DLux® - Automated Germicidal Light Infection Control/Biosecurity System  

The ESP-DLux® provides continuous disinfection of air and periodic disinfection of hard surfaces using a patented system combining industrial-strength UVC light, sensors and wireless controls. With the ESP-DLux® installed in a facility, a continuous log of disinfection is maintained, documenting that dangerous pathogens including COVID-19 have been eradicated. The ESP-DLux® is offered in 2 models to facilitate different needs: the stand-alone Series 100 is designed to be rapidly deployable, while the Series 300 model features advanced Safety-Net® technology, allowing multiple UVC fixtures to be networked and wirelessly controlled throughout an entire facility. Both models provide powerful, automated UVC disinfection. 

Wireless transdermal vitals monitor with automated triage

This technology enables quick evaluation of vital signs and automated triage, reducing the time taken to initiate treatment. A neck-adhered patch displays vital information on an integrated screen and links to a command dashboard, streamlining patient management for larger groups, thereby conserving time and resources. Consequently, this system lowers mortality rates and decreases instances of unnoticed patient deterioration and adverse events.

Multiplex Molecular Model (MMM), a platform technology for accelerating drug discovery

PleXignal's MMM technology is a powerful platform technology that accelerates and increases efficiency in pharmaceutical drug discovery. It helps testing of many potential drug candidates simultaneously to see how they affect various disease signaling pathways (similar to electronic circuits) inside cells. This technology not only provides complete information about the complex signal network but also drastically reduces risks in drug discovery failures, saving time and money. By improving how drugs are discovered, PleXignal is making it easier (avoiding laborious multiple-multistep experiments) and saving billions of dollars, to develop new treatments for diseases, helping to bring better medicines to people sooner. 

DropFilter Mobile Micro Filtration For Safe Hydration

Mobile micro filtration harnesses unique hollow membrane technology to filter dirty or contaminated water. Our mission is to design and manufacture a sustainable filter line that can be utilized in disaster relief, search & rescue, as well as special operations. Our filters remove 99.6% of harmful contamination in water accessed from rivers, streams, ponds, and rain run-off. No matter where you are, if you have access to water of any kind, DropFilters can provide safe hydration for survival.

AI-Powered Data Collection & Analysis Technology to reduce chemical use in Agriculture

AgTechLogic developed Agtellio, a proprietary AI-Powered technology that can collect and analyze data to identify savings and yield improvements in agriculture and beyond. Agtellio is the only product on the market that can track and report on chemical applicators to ensure compliance. It supports Intelligent Precision Spraying to reduce chemical use up to 90%, making a significant environmental, health, and financial impact. Our technology solution is unique as it can be applied to existing equipment and can bring insights that are not able to be captured today.

PSC Breathing Apparatus Technology protecting combatants from deployment-related respiratory diseases (DRRDs)

The PSC breathing apparatus technology assists in protecting the combatants’ lungs, like body-vest to heart and helmet to brain, from deployment-related respiratory diseases (DRRDs). The technology utilizes state-to-art seal and filtration technologies to eliminate respiratory threats including by not limited to dangerous antigens, burning toxic particulates and gases, desert dusts, fuels exhausts, combat dust and debris, extreme dry and cold weathers, bad smells. The result is a portable and comfort-breathing apparatus supplying the combatants with safe and clean air at all time. This technology is at a technology readiness level 7 and addresses the DoD requirements need for combatant health. 

Fast Foam Fire Suppression Unit

Fast Foam Suppression has developed a patent-pending portable, self-contained, multi-use, firefighting apparatus for use in complementary roles alongside existing infrastructure or in remote locations without access to traditional firefighting equipment or service. 

Psychological Resilience & Operator Enhancement   

PROE is designed to enhance SOF operator’s capabilities by exposing them to traumatic incidents in a controlled environment. While assessing and identifying psychological weaknesses, the operator’s biometric data guides the individualized training program for maximum performance enhancement, team success, and longevity of our most valuable warfighters.  

Universal, Autonomous Drone Launch and Recovery with Moving Vehicles 

Our device, called Tular, enables launch and recovery of both rotary wing and fixed wing drones from any moving vehicle, autonomously, and even during windy conditions. Vehicles include trucks, trains, buses, cars, planes and even ships at over 65mph. We are dual use for both the military and commercial users, such as Oil & Gas & Energy for inspections, package delivery and even for first responders. 

Pürlin Linens – The Disruptive Alternative to Laundered Cotton Linens  

Using Pürlin bed and bath linens will eliminate up to 50% the daily wash load at forward operating bases, tactical healthcare operating sites, or when deployed to support emergency management operations, or natural disaster encampments. Using Pürlin bed and bath linens will eliminate up to 50% the daily wash load at forward operating bases, tactical healthcare operating sites, or when deployed to support emergency management operations, or natural disaster encampments.


Pürlin linens are sustainable products that were designed as a disruptive alternative to cotton-based linens which require an expensive and manpower laden logistics system requiring continual maintenance.   Pürlin linens are super-soft, hypoallergic, one-time use, and 100% recyclable.  Made of manmade materials, they are shelf-stable, packaged to free up to 75% of normal warehousing space with about the same savings in transportation needs.   Easily, efficiently, and economically deployable to support ConOps, natural disasters, or other emergency lodging needs.  Users of our product will never have to Sleep on Used Sheets Again - Ever.

HDO Health JourniquetTM  

The HDO Health JourniquetTM helps prevent deaths from uncontrolled bleeding caused by traumatic junctional wounds. It offers warfighters a product that is easy to choose, use, and saves time, ultimately being a lifesaver. The JourniquetTM effectively and consistently stops traumatic junctional bleeding at the point of injury and during patient movement and transport for both experienced and novice users. It is simple, fast, light, and secure and does not require fine motor movements for assembly or application. Additionally, it integrates easily into existing Self Aid Buddy Aid and Care (SABA & SABC) and Tactical Combat and Emergency Casualty Care (TCCC & TECC) training and supply chains. 

Noleus Leaf: Novel Medical Device to treat unmet clinical need - Post-Operative Ileus 

Noleus Technologies is focused on developing and commercializing innovative technologies intended to accelerate recovery and to improve outcomes after abdominal surgery. We aim to establish a new standard of care for post-operative ileus through our differentiated and proprietary technology to accelerate the return of bowel function after abdominal surgery.  


We aim to develop the Noleus Leaf, a single-use medical device, to mitigate post-operative ileus (POI)  which is the intestinal paralysis that occurs in most patients after abdominal surgery. The device uses the platform on negative pressure wound therapy (NWPT) which has been safely used for wound care for the past 20 years and translates that into a single device, that is temporarily placed inside the peritoneal cavity in proximity to the bowels.  The Leaf is easily placed at the end of surgery and will be used while the patient is in the hospital. It will allow patients to regain bowel function sooner allowing them to eat and leave the hospital sooner. The result will be better outcomes for patients and cost-savings for the hospital and healthcare system.

The Zac, (fall detection device for fall protection) by Bay Block

The Zac by Bay Block is a device that alerts up to five people that a person in fall protection has experienced a fall.  It is a completely reusable device enabled with Bluetooth for cellphone/device connectivity. Currently working on the capability to include Wi-Fi/satellite/cellular (not cellphone/device reliant). Technology developed to protect against orthostatic intolerance, harness hang syndrome, and to be used as a compliance tool for supervisors. 


Supersonic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Design  

BAI is developing a supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to break the sound barrier and enhance military reconnaissance and tactical missions. Leveraging advanced aerodynamics and propulsion systems, this UAV concept aims to provide high-speed, high-altitude capabilities for defense applications. Initial designs are ready for optimization and refinement, with CFD and wind tunnel testing planned.

Attachment Expandable Reconnaissance Inspection Crawler Robot  

This technology assists in the reconnaissance of high risk or restricted access environments to increase safety and efficiency. This low profile 6WD robot platform is equipped with a featureful camera system and a sensor or module attachment system. The attachment system allows for equipment and sensors to be quickly added or removed depending on the scenario. As examples, hazmat or EOD can quickly equip a mountable arm for manipulating objects, fire departments can equip gas sensors, and SWAT can equip two-way audio solutions or non-lethal weapons. This system allows the robot to be used in a variety of scenarios.

Vetelligence: Military Skills Ontology for Optimized Talent Management 

The military faces challenges in effectively managing its personnel, which can lead to problems with readiness and performance. Vetelligence solves this issue by using artificial intelligence to analyze data from various sources about military personnel. This smart system helps military leaders decide where to place people based on their skills and the military's needs. It can predict potential problems and suggest solutions, ensuring the right people are in the right jobs at the right time. By doing this, Vetelligence helps the military become stronger and more prepared for any situation it might face.


Wave-Powered AUVs for Extended Duration Missions  

This technology allows autonomous underwater vehicles to recharge batteries using ocean waves allowing extending mission durations. Oscilla Power intends to offer a wave-powered AUV platform that users can integrate their payloads into for defense, homeland security and ocean monitoring applications. The wave-charging technology can be integrated with existing AUVs. The technology will enable extending duration missions with loitering capability. The AUVs do not need to surface in the daytime to recharge as solar powered AUVs need to do, and can have less battery volume/weight allowing for bigger payloads with more capability.

Software-Configurable Power Systems for Spacecraft  

AmplifiedSpace is redefining spacecraft power infrastructure by standardizing and simplifying the fragmented and overly customized spacecraft design and manufacturing process. Our smart power systems combine universal standard hardware with configurable proprietary software to replace traditional rigid systems, offering universal, simple, fast, and reliable solutions. This enables late-stage design modifications, faster launch schedules, and the creation of more capable satellite designs. 

Energy Transfer Technology  

The energy transfer technology is taking wasted heat produced from kitchen appliances and repurposing it for various other purposes. The technology can reroute the heat to heat the water in the building, or heat other aeras of the building. The energy transfer technology uses wasted heat to lower energy bills, minimize the heat in kitchens, and lower CO2 emissions. It works by taking the wasted energy which is on average 70% from a given source to combat and repurpose it to get a return of 45% energy savings. By doing this it is allowing for the energy costs in each space to be minimized, as well it is extracting excess heat from the kitchens allowing for them to be cooler to create a better work environment all while contributing to the betterment of society by taking wasted by product and lowering the emissions of CO2.

Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Long-Endurance VTOL Aircraft

 BAI's hybrid electric propulsion expertise is intended to enhance the endurance and performance of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. This innovative approach combines electric and conventional propulsion to achieve extended flight times, improved fuel efficiency, and increased operational range, making it ideal for both commercial and defense applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Self-Regulating Small Wind Turbine Generator Technology 

Pirate Wind Turbines is developing industry changing, self-regulating, small wind turbine generator technology. Our goal is to produce 20% more kWh than today’s competitors. We also solve a lot of common issues currently in the small wind turbine industry. Our generator self-regulates the output voltage once an optimum range has been achieved. Our technology does not need electronic brakes or blade furling to purposely slow itself down. We easily integrate into existing charge controllers including MPPT and PWM. We have noticeably less vibration and will be quieter than others, which is great for war fighters and land-based operations. 

Automatically regulates output voltage once optimal operations have been achieved
Operates in high winds when others need to be slowed down or shut down.
Operates with less vibration and noise.
It easily integrates into existing off-the-shelf solar charge controllers. 
Suitable for RECON missions and forward operations.

Graphene from sustainable hemp fiber and activated carbon 

This technology is a climate smart commodity that uses sustainable hemp fibers to manufacture products for energy storage, bioplastics and building materials.



Cobalt Cathode and Cobalt Sulfate

America currently has no domestic capacity for cobalt refinement, instead we rely on China for the Critical Mineral. It is a vital material for the aerospace alloy and EV battery sectors. With a team of Marine Veterans and Engineers we are building a Cobalt Refinery in eastern Arkansas to meet the Nation's demands.

Generating energy efficient heat from plastic-derived carbon materials  

RebornC develops technologies for converting plastic and plastic waste precursors into 3D-printed carbon materials to generate energy efficient heat for industrial processes. This technology relies on a chemical treatment process to convert 3D-printed plastics into carbon products with tailored complex shapes. The resulting materials have unique electronic properties that can be leveraged to produce heat through the passage of small currents through the material. This technology could pave the way for decarbonized heat by greatly reducing energy requirements and CO2 emissions of industrial processes. 

Ultrafast Laser Structuring for Enhancing Thermal Management Materials and Components  

Quantum Qool specializes in proprietary ultrafast laser structuring and industrial ultrafast laser workstations for thermal management applications in semiconductors, batteries, solar, space and nuclear. Our process creates feature-enhancing nanostructures on metallic & non-metallic surfaces to significantly increase emissivity, surface area and energy density to values that accelerate cooling and power by 100% plus. This process enhances key components such as heat spreaders, heat sinks, heat exchangers, thermal radiators, nuclear reactor shieldings and current collectors for industrial and mission-critical applications where keeping products cool is crucial for their continued use over their lifecycles.






Wall System  

Wall systems represent a method of construction in which some or all of the framing, insulation, utilities, siding, etc. are completed off-site and transported to the construction site. The wall system can then be attached to the foundation and/or structural support of the unfinished building. Wall systems may comprise structurally insulated panels (SIPs) equipped with a locking mechanism to quickly connect the wall to the unfinished building on-site as well as all MEP preinstalled and connectable without the use of tools. SIPs may also be used in constructing a floor and/or roof, which are both included in the term "wall system." This method of construction allows for fewer modifications and less chance for human error on-site, as well as simple modifications that can be made at the construction site by merely replacing portions of the wall system as desired.

OptiChain: AI Driven Supply Chain Management 

Our AI-driven supply chain software represents a revolutionary advancement in supply chain management, employing sophisticated machine learning algorithms and real-time data analytics to dramatically enhance demand forecasting, vendor management, and inventory optimization. By automating and refining these critical components, the software not only boosts operational efficiency and reduces costs but also delivers substantial global benefits, including increased sustainability and enhanced economic resilience. 

TreeTracker: Natural Resource Management for EVERYONE!  

This online and mobile app GIS/Database system combines necessary functionality for each sector and goal of the forest industries. By combining so many functions into one system we eliminate the need for multiple software, apps, hardware, and communication tools. TreeTracker is developed for everyone to have access despite the size of the organization or landownership. Our custom project sharing capabilities allow for connecting any stakeholder together in the same system. We provide a single system that can be customized for large entities and special use cases, yet still able to connect with any landowner, consultant, contractor, or other stakeholders. 

Single-point cut rifle barrels  

We produce high quality and consistent precision rifle barrels. Our manufacturing process combines state-of-the-art and old school proven techniques to craft high quality, accurate, and durable rifle barrels.

Everything/Tactical Lights, 4 color in 1 device, wasteful chem-light augmentation   

Everything/Tactical (E/T) Lights combine four colors in one device (R/Y/G/B or IR/R/G/B). Originally developed for JSOC Combat medicsto reduce the weight & volume for the capability (marking/signaling) by over 60%, reduce chemical light budget by over 90% (DLA spends ~$60 million/yr. on 6” Green chemical lights alone). ~90% of tasks performed by chemical lights are common repetitive tasks, no need for wasteful one-time use chemical lights. Reduce the need for resupply of wasteful one time use chemical lights. Improve the capability, chemical lights freeze so how will our warfighters mark/signal in cold weather warfare? US Army Pollution Prevention Program. 

Strategic Planning and Execution Management SaaS Platform

VisionSync is a secure, configurable SaaS platform that offers an intuitive interface and customizable frameworks for comprehensive strategic plan management. It empowers organizations to effectively execute and track strategic plans in real-time, aligning team efforts with organizational goals and outcomes. VisionSync fosters seamless collaboration across departments while maintaining data security and providing leadership with clear insights and detailed reporting to monitor progress. The platform allows large organizations like government agencies to efficiently achieve their long-term objectives by enhancing adaptability and enabling productive teamwork, increasing their chances of strategic success in evolving circumstances. 

3-D Printed Dual Ridge Horn Antenna, Gradient Refractive Index Lens Apt.  

Horn Antennas are commonly used for far field antenna measurement testing, feeds for high performance parabolic dishes, highly directive wideband radar, EW and c-sUAS applications. Fabrication of DRHAs require delicate machining and costly implementation on the order of thousands of dollars to meet essential design constraints. The MIDE0460 is a 3-D printed, metalized horn antenna that meets and surpasses SOTA performance while reducing lead times, cost, and SWaP metrics. Such improvement's enable operators to utilize Horn Antennas in fielded environment's, with lowered risk to operational capability. 

Optical design and manufacturing of Micro-optics & systems  

Optical technology company assisting in the design and manufacturing of minimization of vision and illumination systems.  We strive in our years of experience developing solutions utilizing our knowledge in design for manufacturing micro lens systems, illumination and sensor assemblies while simultaneously achieving customer requirements.  This can include application in medical, industrial, military and defense using unique glass to metal seals.

Innovating Education with TechDesk

TechDesk is the next-gen classroom solution from TreTech, reshaping education. TechDesk integrates hardware and software to create an all-in-one learning platform. It improves classroom engagement, reduces clutter, and offers immersive educational experiences. Join us in creating a new era of interactive, efficient, and sustainable education with TechDesk. 

AdjusterApp® LIVE assignment distribution platform INSTANTLY dispatches proximate field personnel

 “RIGHT NOW” is your new superpower… with AdjusterApp®! Our patented technology platform enables you to rapid-fire assignments to field personnel for instant dispatch and immediate service. Enjoy the benefits of telling your customer who is on the way NOW as you source, filter, assign, dispatch, and confirm all in one click. Our tech engages and dispatches your closest, most-qualified service providers directly to each customer getting them there NOW. Distributing assignments and scheduling ppointments into the future is messy, uncertain, and SLOW; AdjusterApp® brings you and those you serve into the simplicity, convenience, and peace of mind of RIGHT NOW!

Grey Water Reclamation and Reuse Anywhere Real-Time. (GrWtR2ART)  

Gray water as defined as any water not considered drinkable because of contamination produced during normal use (i.e. used in kitchen, shower, washing of clothing, washing of equipment without chemicals, etc.), or human waste. This water can be filtered and conditioned to the extent that it can be used as non-potable water for the same, or other, purposes. As the quality of the water degrades it can then be discarded or used for a lower purpose where water quality can be lower, but water is still necessary.

Warfighter-Centric Agentic AI Development Platform  

Dunedain’s first Small Language Model, BERTI (Battlefield Evaluation and Response Tactical Intelligence), is an advanced AI agent designed specifically to support Army operations at every echelon. We are developing a platform to create swarms of these agents for every DoD branch to redefine how military operations, administration, and maintenance are conducted by replacing manual, error-prone processes with AI-driven efficiency. Leveraging leading retrieval, classification, and data embedding methods, Dunedain aims to challenge conventional norms and set new standards in military efficiency and effectiveness. 

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