The Encountering Innovation Initiative is offered by the Kansas Small Business Development Center. Our network of Tech Advisors will work with you from the time of your initial idea through the final commercialization of your technology. 


Goldsmith Model

The Kansas SBDC staff uses a model developed by H. Randall Goldsmith, Ph.D. as a tool to determine the status of your innovation from the perspective of technology, market, and business and to identify your next best steps. *Goldsmith model link provided by Nebraska Business Development Center*

Preparation for Encountering Innovation Connections

Your advisors will work with you as you prepare to present your technology at Encountering Innovation events. They will help you prepare your Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF), quad chart, information paper, pitch, and poster board display for Encountering Innovation events.

Support with SBIR/STTR Programs

Kansas SBDC Tech Advisors receive significant training on the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs so that they can more effectively work with you to search solicitations and develop proposals. One of our tech advisors successfully completed a number of SBIR Phase I and II contracts and can lend valuable insight into the processes.

We offer a resource guide that serves as a practical reference for beginners and a quick reference for more experienced participants.

Kansas SBDC Tech Center Video Library



Encountering Innovation Practice Pitch Sessions

Innovators who have been accepted to pitch in Encountering Innovation have the opportunity to practice their pitch to an audience of Kansas SBDC advisors. Each practice session will be 30 minutes in length, which will provide enough time to pitch and to receive feedback from the team. 

Although it will be beneficial to practice your pitch in person, those that cannot travel to this event can participate by connecting via video conference. These sessions are offered at no cost.

The Encountering Innovation Application Process

Get help identifying how your technology matches DoD needs.
Learn how to develop a Quad Chart and Information Paper for your application. Hear what Tech Scouts want from your pitch.
Contact Tech Innovation Center Director, Alan Badgley at or call 316-290-9434 for more information.